Certified NGH Instructor Jefff Oatman CI, CCC, PLR, CAI CHt.

Become a Certified NGH Hypnotherapist (2 Packages Available)
A/ BASIC NGH LEVEL 1 AND 2 only : $1675.00 plus 13% HST= $1892.75
B/ ENHANCED NGH LEVEL 1 and 2 plus Pain Management $1900.00 plus 13% HST= $2147.00
Instructor: JEFF OATMAN CI, CCC, PLR, CAI with over 15 years of real life hypnosis experience!

Classes are fun, informative and very hands on. Whether you want to excite the positive potential of yourself, start a new career in hypnotherapy or learn the art of helping others heal and empower themselves... Jeff's openness will be a journey you will remember and call upon for the rest of your life. His commitment to to understand each student's needs, results in a total plan, tailor-made for each individual, to learn hypnosis from within, to re-establish the body's essential balance with nature; to strengthen the mind body connection; and to use the power of quantum self healing to transcend the ordinary limitations of disease, aging and negative thinking. He has spent his whole teaching career understanding how to excite our own positive power to heal the mind, body and spirit systems.

National Guild of Hypnotists Level 1 and 2 hypnosis certification course is taught over 8 days and includes 100 hrs training comprised of in class hands on practice, demonstrations, theory and homework assignments.

Class timing: Each day class begins at 9:00 a.m. and finishes between 4:00 -5:00 p.m.
(we take 70 minute lunch break and a15 minute morning and afternoon break.
Please dress comfortably for class and be aware you may be working closely with orher students...
so please avoid strong perfumes etc. All course materials are included in your fee with the exception of: Students should bring extra Note paper, pens, highlighter markers, small carry bag or brief case for your materials and books. Oh, and don't forget an open mind!

Level 1 Beginner training is taught over the first 3 days including: hypnosis theory, inductions,
depth testing, rapport building and self hypnosis techniques. (For students with no previous professional hypnotherapy certification and experienced professionals)

Level 2 training consists of applying hypnosis techniques in the clinical setting for weight loss, smoking cessitation, stress management, fears and phobias, suggestion management and motivation etc.
Much time is spent on office setup, assessing and goal setting a client and creating post hypnotic suggestions to motivate your client to success of mind body and spirit. Age regression and hypnotic interviewing are overviewed and will be further discussed in class. You will be taught how to conduct
a proper client session from start to finish and how to market and promote your hypnosis business. PROFESSIONAL ETHICS and NGH guidelines are taught to make sure everyone stays within their circle of practice.

Pain Management 1 included: As an added bonus to your success, this course is packaged with "World Hypnosis Network's '"Pain Management course to further your skills as well as expanding
your client base in a very needed and popular area of managing mind over pain. Includes: Workbook,scripts, inductions and Hypnosis for Pain Management certificate.

Course materials include: 3 hypnosis workbooks, Induction Scripts, Motivational Script package, Glass pendulum, DVD's, magazine subscription, marketing materials, NGH 11X16 Diploma, World Hypnosis Network Pain Management certificate, 1 year paid NGH membership card, access to
NGH video and audio libraries and conferences and more.

Students are required to complete a take home exam prior to the last day of the course and must have a passing mark of 85% or more to receive your Diploma on the last day. Upon completing and passing the course you can start taking clients immediately the next day if you wish. Jeff Oatman is always available after the course is over to help you succeed in your new hypnotherapy business.

This unique 100hr certification course includes powerful live and detailed demonstrations, lots of hands on practice and group processes in an intimate, supervised setting, we teach safe and effective ways to execute many forms of hypnotherapy tools in this highly practical course. The integration of many modalities including pain mangement is also covered. Your skills are further developed by homework assignements, which include case studies, many important class handouts and more practice. These fascinating and informative course is carefully designed to give you extensive in depth training to either practice hypnosis as a career, self discovery or integrate these skills with exsisting modalities. Class sizes are smaller for a more personalized learning experience so PLEASE REGISTER EARLY TO HOLD YOUR PLACE!

To Register for the NGH Level 1 and 2 Hypnotherapy Certification Course click on the
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Please don't hesitate to call us to discuss any course questions you might have. I'd be more than glad to speak with you in person!
Looking forward to the journey
Sincerely Jeff Oatman

One of Canada's foremost hypnosis trainers offers NGH Hypnotherapy classes in beautiful downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada